D – 1.1 Methodology

“Dance & Body movement” is an applied form of Integral Expression and Dance Therapy, a body-centred therapy method, building on the connection of the mind and the body for holistic healing. In comparison to talk therapy, we use creative mind-body exercises and other physical techniques to help to release the repressed and forgotten issues of the past that have a negative effect on the individual’s wellbeing.

Integral Expression and Dance (IED) Therapy belongs to the family of approaches internationally known as expressive arts therapy (www.ieata.org). It is an integrative art therapy method, furthering dance/movement psychotherapies in general. Along with movement and dance, IED uses the integrating effect of music making, visual expression and drama/theatre, as well as ‘authentic movement’, imagination, poetry, personal symbols and rituals. The process helps the individual to find his/her self-healing potentials, hidden resources, and thus to improve the quality of his/her life. The process of creation and its meaning for its creator is more important than the aesthetic value of the end-product. We mainly work in groups – while immersed in artistic activities, the participants encounter each other in a deep way. Working together, creating together, being together, feeling accepted and acknowledged. All this happens in a playful, joyful manner.