D – 1.2 Aims

A key feature of our complex, interdisciplinary approach is that we use multimodal expressive arts processes for self-knowledge, inner growth, personal development, trauma work and other therapeutic goals. This feature derives from one of the basic assumptions of this method, namely that self-expression has a healing power.

We believe that the mind, body, spirit, and emotions are all interconnected with each other. Studies show that events in our past, emotional and traumatic situations affects our brain and may cause changes in the body. The posture, the body language, the facial expressions changes and can take a form of physical pain as well. With creative, artistic and movement processes we develop the awareness of the issues and redound the mind-body connection. This way the participants can revisit and release different emotions that were locked in their body from these past experiences. The goal is to let go of these past events so that people can fully engage in their present life.

We work with all age groups (youth, adults, seniors) and both on the field of personal support and professional training and development. The method can contribute to one’s personal well-being in different levels. We also train group leaders, therapist, teachers, trainers and others with this methodology so they can connect, work with and support marginalised, vulnerable individuals and groups in a more harmonious and supporting way.