T – 2.3 What is Needed for the Training

This is a theatrical training, so a space large enough for the group to move around is essential. If possible a room which is spacious enough for a circle of chairs in one half and an empty space to move in the other makes the transitions between practical exercises and discussions easier.

Music and projection of images is used, so a PA system and projector are needed, and the room needs some form of blackout.

Materials gathered in the exercises are written up on Post-It notes or similar: a variety of coloured pens, stationary and Blu-tack (and a room where it is possible to decorate the walls) are needed. Other materials are mentioned in the tool kit.

Group size should not be too large so that good group dynamics can be developed. 12-20 would be ideal. It is preferable to have a group made up of different nationalities and cultures and preferably not dominated by one nationality.