S – 2.3 Needs

The storytelling course can be hold in any kind of facilities and in any kind of room. However, it is important that the participants have either access or bring their own digital tools in order to experiment and create movies.

For giving frontal input or advice, it is preferable to have a space, which has a presentation facility or projector.

In order to let people work in small groups like auto booms are preferable or separate spaces were part of the group can always meet in small working units. Think about having locations, which can give background to the story – however any setting can be used.

The facilitator should enable walks or exploration of the nearest surrounding. So the participants can choose and think about different backgrounds, props, or sceneries, they want to use for their digital story.

In order to share the films, and to enable collaboration, good internet connection is required.

The facilitator can bring into the setting, any kind of props depending on the ideas of the films and encourage students to bring in their own materials costumes, or other items they might need to create their narratives. The learners should have as well, their own notebook, pens, pencils and similar items to encourage people to draw to write, and to note. Further on, enough space for reflection and discussions should be provided.