More Than Words – November 2018
Training in Potenza

In accordance with the aim of the project, this training course, named “Clown: when the silence is More Than Words”, explored, through the tools of the clown, possible ways of communication, beyond words, between different communities, overcoming linguistic and communicative difficulties.
The training course was leaded by Raffaele Messina, a trainer who, seduced by the beauty of the world seen through the eyes of a clown, decided ten years ago to take a trip with no particular destination, in order to explore, in a creative form, this world so strange and fascinating, to live the encounter with himself and with each other through the art of clowning and his artistic and human dimension.
We explored this new form of communication, of artistic mediation, this “pedagogy” of the clown as key to re-read and re-elect the spaces of everyday life, out of the ordinary.
Our aim it was also to use clown’s tools as a new form of communication, of artistic and intercultural mediation, as a communicative, educational and therapeutic tool. A new interactive non-verbal communication.
This training methodology is based on the game, because the game is an innate form of communication and learning that is part of us since birth and succeeds in overcoming both generational and cultural barriers. The game allows the subject to enter the reality from ‘another side’, to reach a dimension that does not distance itself from life but allows it to be approached with different languages, schemes, and dynamics.
Overcome the reality, with its superstructures, its defenses, through the fantasy and the creativity to find a new authentic reality, within and outside of ourselves. This is clown!