D – 2.1 Training Module

Our approach offers a holding environment and a process-oriented approach with awareness of group dynamics. The thematic focus was on group dynamics in non-verbal setting. The program made it possible to experience different ways of non-verbal work and the integration of all channels of perception. The whole process moved from body awareness through the discovery of own movements and feelings towards the various ways of self-expression and communication. Beside movement and dance we worked with visual art techniques (drawing, painting, making collage etc.), rhythm and voice, creative writing. Getting acquainted with and experience different creative activities can play an important role in finding our resources for personal and professional renewal. Using it with marginalized group may be empowering, but some special attention is needed. In order to point these out parallel to the individual experiences the participants also reflected, shared and discussed professional perspectives of the methodology.

Focusing on topics such:

  • How does it affect us and our personal space if we get into new surroundings?
  • How does trust evolve, so that dialogues start and co-operation becomes possible?
  • How does diversity affect us, which part of our identity is weakened, and which one strengthens by existing in a common place?